Rodionov stone company

The Rodionov-Kamen company specializes in the manufacture, processing and sale of products from natural Baltic stone - natural granite.

You are lucky.
Interested in a stone for an apartment, house or plot, you went to the correct and unusual site, telling about a special type of stones, about Boulders. And what you can get from them for YOU.
Boulders were generated millions of years ago by volcanic eruptions, scattered as a gift to mankind, all over the Earth and delivered by glaciers to us, in the Kaliningrad region.
Boulders, decorating reality, lie quietly in the fields and forests, on the seashores. They are transported to their sites and admired using in landscape design Their hidden inner beauty, until a certain time, was reliably hidden from the ordinary human eye.
And today and here you will see this hidden inner beauty of the boulder-stone.
We discovered it for ourselves many years ago, learned to work with it, in practice we learned that there are no two identical stones. As well as people.
We realized that this is actually granite, but not at all ordinary ...

With the help of people and unique equipment, the Scandinavian (Baltic) boulder was turned by the specialists of the Rodionov-Kamen company into a beautiful, practical and affordable natural finishing material that has not a standard, but a natural boulder shape.
The products of the Rodionov-Kamen company are fundamentally different from the typical ones offered by the modern stone-processing industry. In order to understand this, you need to see our work, and for us - to tell as much as possible about the boulder-stone and what it is possible to do with it.
As a result, your usual perception of a boulder-stone will be changed. We guarantee.
For those who fall in love with a boulder stone and decide to engage in this type of creative business in their country or region, we offer FRANCHISE. This is an excellent form of income and self-realization.

Why choose us


Online consultations

Warranty from 5 years

We guarantee product service for at least 5 years to each client


Own modern equipment park

Measurement without problems

Departure of the measurer with samples

Attitude to stone and not only


When choosing a boulder stone, there is no need to select a stone exactly according to the color that you would be able to order if you were performing work from a stone of rocks. This is the first little understood, hidden meaning of our unique proposal.

When laying a boulder stone, you do not need to cut out the usual rectangular shapes from it. The boulder tile retains its natural irregular oval shape. Let us remember that in Nature there are no straight lines invented by man.

All boulders have their own personal color scheme. and a unique interior design. When laying, the stones are combined together into products (for example, finishing the basement, stairs, paths, floors, etc.), as a result, a single carpet with a unique original mosaic pattern is obtained.

It is possible to select a stone by shades (tones): gray, red, darker or lighter, etc., which also, due to the originality of the internal pattern of each individual stone, gives a unique flavor. This item is for those who are still not ready for a radical internal renewal of his views on the stone.

We came up with and implemented a cool technical thing. It does not exist in the stone-processing industry. From the word "in general". This is a one-piece, non-glued, stone corner that allows you to work wonders. It can be used to make various exclusive, previously inaccessible to many people due to their high cost, products, such as stone shelves, revet the most ordinary concrete stairs, turning them into stone ones, with an imitation of step thickness up to 220 mm, made of ordinary aerated concrete (cinder block) base for the pillar and immediately put it in a "stone shirt" and much, much more.