Unique turnkey business

If you have a sufficient amount of boulder in your area, which is the raw material for our facing construction material (tiles of natural shape), we offer you to learn to process and sell it.

The first advantage that you obtain over your indirect competitors, involved in the processing of imported standard rock, is cheap local raw material that you do not need to buy and deliver from far away. The stone is literally lying under your feet. It has to be transported from the local quarry to the place where your sawing production is set. This does require special equipment. Where to get such equipment and how much it costs–those are the things we can discuss with you.

After the stone is sawn, it should be heat-treated with a torch to give it roughness (make it non-slip).

Then, the stone should be sold. There will always be those willing to buy the stone. It’s a question of price. Everyone decides for themselves, depending on the strategy they choose. You can sell not too much but expensive or sell a lot but cheap. You won’t have direct competition in this market, as no one else deals with this type of stone processing (for some reason). You can check it for yourself.

We recommend selling turn-key tiles made of stone, that is with cladding at the site. The customers don’t need a semi-finished stone on a pallet, they need a stone laid in their house or at the site as a path, patio, plinth, stairs, fireplace, and other ready-to-use products. Turn-key sales are the most profitable and sought-after business, whose share is growing, and it will not be affected by various crises for a long time. Despite the rapidly changing world, the mason’s profession will be in demand for more than one generation.


Furthermore, we have a one-of-a-kind product in our arsenal. It is very much in demand by our customers. It is a stone corner. To understand what it is, please go to the section of the site describing it in detail. You will have a unique type of product, which 100% of our competitors do not have.

If you are already engaged in the imported rock business, you will be able to expand your product line and take a larger market share in your area.

The cost of the franchise and its payback will depend only on you: how many and what kinds of machines you are willing to purchase and how quickly you can organize the whole process.

To start work in your region, we recommend buying stone from us, completing one or two projects that can clearly show the benefits of mosaic laying and the variety of colors of Scandinavian boulders before the mountain rock. Having finished the projects, you will gain experience, earn a reputation and money. We can teach the laying by providing videos or sending specialists to your region.

If you are interested in our offer: fill in the form, and we will contact you for negotiations.


4 reasons to choose the Rodionov stone franchise

unique, different from others, final look of the laid stone,

affordable local raw materials,

high margin due to the lack of direct competition,

a beautiful business with endless possibilities of growth and development.

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