Baltic (Scandinavian) boulder

The boulder is durable and resistant to temperature extremes. Its forms and sizes are diverse, which makes it possible to use these stones for various design options for external and internal interiors.

Stone gazebos are one of the most extraordinary designs that exist today. These types of gazebos fit perfectly into any landscape and, most importantly, this design option is one of the most reliable among other options. The company "Style in stone" for many years has been engaged in the processing of unique technologies and the sale of Baltic stone (granite), as well as the production of products from it for interior and landscape design. Pergolas made of natural stone from

You can look at an example of work on the website of the "Style in Stone" company. there you can also get acquainted with the range of products and terms of cooperation. The gazebo is one of the most important elements of the design of suburban areas, gardens, parks, adjoining territories. They perform several functions at once: decorative, protection against


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